Daily Bible Verses for 1/29/2017

The Heart of Rebellion Against God – (Proverbs 17:26)

Daily Verse(s)
Also, to punish the righteous is not good, nor to strike princes for their uprightness.

Reading Notes
Only a perverse population would punish the innocent and strike down the righteous, yet this is the true heart of those who hate and rebel against the Lord. Moreover, this is also true for a nation governed by those who are at enmity with God and in rebellion against His word, the Bible. And because we live in a dark and dying world at enmity against God, sadly this is common place in our world today. The book of Proverbs is God’s book of practical and godly wisdom, it’s a gift given to those who follow Him. And throughout many of the passages God gives us practical examples of rebellious behavior and glimpses into the heart of the wicked. He does so not only has a lesson for us, but also as an example of what to watch for as we live our lives. And these passages are a perfect example of that principle. In them we see the behavior of those who, despite outward appearances, are in rebellion against God. This is one of those verses which helps us understand what makes up the heart of those who fight against God. Those who hate God and hate the things of God.

We must remember we truly can tell what’s in the heart of a person when we look at their outward actions. Our actions are the result of the desires of our hearts. All people great and small have a source from which they draw their influence, whether that source is God or this fallen world at enmity against God. And whatever that source, it influences our desires, it influences our perspectives and in the end it influences our actions toward others. Therefore, by studying God’s word and looking at the fruit which people bear, we can understand where their heart is in terms of how they view God. We can see if they draw their strength from God or from wickedness. And those who are in rebellion toward God will always attack those who are good. Those who are wicked will always attack the innocent. Moreover, whenever and wherever possible they will always accuse those who are good of the wickedness they, themselves perform and desire to do. They do so because they desire to pervert the minds and hearts of those who may be watching them. Their ultimate goal is to turn the hearts and minds of the people away from God, toward self and a fallen world at enmity with God. They will claim evil to be good, and that which is good to be evil, and they will do so claiming their actions are for the ultimate good of humanity, when in reality it’s meant to hasten our destruction, and drive others from Christ Jesus our Lord.